Friday, 31 August 2012

Topcased AADL

While learning by doing I had an introduction into TOPCASED v.5.2.0, an Eclipse based IDE for development of complex safety critical real-time hard- and sofware systems in the area of aerospace and automotive. Installation ran smoothly after downloading the bundle from the project page. To get a first overview of the tool, I looked over the official presentations available here (short version) and here (long version) - don't worry, without someone talking besides the slides it won't take much time to read them. I found the article: "TOPCASED: System development using Open Source" very interesting and helpful to find the motivation of the project and place it into the industrial context.

In the context of SOCIS, the AADL Designer that comes with TOPCASED is of interest and should serve as an example of what an AADL modeler should incorporate. The first mystery to solve was, which one of the tools in TOPCASED is the AADL Designer? After long research among the available documentation I was totally confused and didn't find the answer. My mentor helped me forward here and told me the AADL Designer is named "ADELE"! This was a big step forward!

Having a path indicated and some presentations to begin with, I started learning about ADELE. My entry point was the project homepage for general information. Next, I have read the ADELE presentation and played with the tool. Just some basic stuff: creating a project, drawing some elements and interconnecting them. I had the same feeling as I had when playing with the Obeo Designer for the family demo.

This being said, the introduction to the technologies and tools I will be using has got to an end. Now it's time to work and in parallel study in more detail the tools and technologies.

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