Tuesday, 28 August 2012

First steps towards AADL

"[...] when you learn to read then you learn everything you didn't know before. But when you write you write only what you know already [...]" I think Umberto Eco's statement describes very good the situation I find myself in: by reading information available on the web I have the power to learn everything about AADLs, but writing on the blog is very difficult as my knowledge is just starting to shape up.

For others that are in a similar situation to mine, I think writing down my trace to learn AADL could be helpful. The first dilemma to solve is what does the acronym AADL stand for? Initially the acronym meant "Avionics Architecture Description Language", but AADL covers all the embedded real time systems. In 2004 the Society of Automotive Engineers released the standard named "Architecture Analysis & Design Language" which is the current meaning of AADL. According to the definition found here "the AADL is a modeling language that supports early and repeated analyses of a system's architecture with respect to performance-critical properties through an extendable notation, a tool framework, and precisely defined semantics."

At a first reading that definition didn't cleared much my understanding, so I had to dig more into the details. First I left the first 'A' in AADL out, and read shortly about Arhitecture Description Language and found out that AADL is the secondary candidate of being the best ADL. Having the term "ADL" cleared, I moved forward for a general introduction about AADL on wikipedia. The information found in the "The Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL): An Introduction" report by Peter H. Feiler, David P. Gluch, John J. Hudak is very detailed and might be just a little bit to much for a snooker. The sketchy description found here can be a much better starting point and then build up with the report previously mentioned.

Going through those lectures I can scarcely say I have a basic idea of what an AADL is. The road is long ahead and resources are plenty - next in line would be the AADL community page and I will move to "learning by doing". Creating a model with already existing AADL modelers will shortly follow on my learning path.

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