Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Entering the final turn

Slowly approaching the end of SoCiS 2012, the final touches need to be done to the designer. In the remaining time, I will check for inconsistencies and issues within the developed odesign. A final check to see if the required tools for the mapped nodes are implemented. Of course, all the newly created elements should be accepted by Xtext and the example I worked on, Cruise Control, should be easily understandable.

With the checks and fixes done in this direction so far, it looks fine - tools are implemented and working, Xtext accepts all the newly created elements (and they are created at the right position in the private or public section for example) and after rearranging the representation, you get a better overview of the system.

Now, I start a new learning phase while preparing the update-site for the 1.0 release of the modeler. Tools like Tycho, maven and Hudson will be taken under the loop for the next days to get everything working.

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